"The Beauty of Vietnam."

Masashi Matsubuchi 

Social media contents creator

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I’ve been shooting photos and videos in Vietnam for years now.
The reason I am working here is I know that there is a beauty different from Japan where I was born. But maybe it's something that only a foreigner like me can see.  
If so, it is my duty to make everyone aware of its beauty, and it is "IKIGAI" of my life. 
【Awards / 受賞歴】
2nd prize of “Vietnam NOW” Video Contest in 2020
​【Media / 特集記事】
Vietnam Sketch 2020年6月号, ベトナムの日本人
【airbnb / 写真撮影ツアー】
Private Photo shoot tour in Saigon
【Store / ファインアート】
Limited PRINTS - "The Beauty of SAIGON" 



"Destination FiIms"


 Handmade frame & Fine art print.



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